Yesenia Bello is a Chicago-based artist from Norristown, PA. Through an adaptive process of art-making, administration, and organizing she uses drawing, fabric installation, clay sculpture, collage, creative workshops, and writing to reflect on her lived experience as a Mexican-American woman as it relates to language, connection, and the navigating of space. Her work has been exhibited internationally, through platforms like Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Heaven Gallery, Chicago Cultural Center, and Scotty. As a teen, she was co-founder and organizer of Walla Fest (2011–2016), a volunteer-run music and arts festival with the aim to build welcoming creative space for youth artists in the surrounding Philadelphia area. Currently, Yesenia co-runs Companion Co-op, is on the board of ACRE, and is a graduate candidate completing her Masters in Arts Administration and Policy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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