Till it Sticks
in collaboration with Nataliya Kotlova 

Till it Sticks is a collaborative sequence between Yesenia Bello and Nataliya Kotlova. Through a perpetual push-and-pull, a telepathic space, these works explore togetherness and what it means to find a middle ground between two separate stand points. Steps in combined decision-making and material play lead these artists to employ a methodical approach in devising new creative structures. Using fabric, rope, elastic, clay, rods, and hooks, Bello and Kotlova construct drawings in space, which explore an improvisational conversation: regarding resourcefulness and problem solving.

This act of a communal ‘searching for’ and ‘finding of’ a middle ground is a quiet exploration; one that thinks with the body and ruminates until resolved. Pulling from the social nature and history of fiber processes, Bello and Kotlova continue a collective dialogue. An approach to team building that seems a vital practice in our current times, taking matter into hand and working inventively to recompose surroundings.